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We would like to express how delighted we were with Pamela's story on The Well-Dressed Nest.  The positive response has been overwhelming, and we are deeply touched with the thought and care she took in writing this article.  She listened carefully and, we believe, captured what we are trying to do here at our shop.  Our clients and colleagues have commented how accurate and descriptive her story portrayed our business.  Not only did she describe the details of what we do, but she also captured our spirit.
Eileen Hoyland & Sharon Sweet, Owners of The Well-Dressed Nest
"I just wanted to say that I have lived in Annapolis for over 20 years and have learned more about Annapolis through your magazine than anything else. I am a page marker, thumb through the magazine, then go back and read the articles that take my fancy. I've stopped doing that with the Insider, because I ended up marking every page. Now I just read it all from cover to cover. I can't help it!" Carol Stallings, 20 year resident

"I just read the article you wrote about us.....I was thrilled! Dad and I were just agreeing that we think it's the best and most accurate article anyone has written about us...locally or nationally! Lauren Russell, Russell & Mackenna

"Thank you so much for the wonderful article in your February/March 2006 magazine. it has gotten the marina so much attention and notoriety and has brought me several new clients. I can't say enough. Last but not least, the opening picture and headline brought tears to my eyes." Debra Smith, owner of Sarles Marina

"Thank you very very much for the best article ever written to-date about the Food Link program in Anne Arundel County" Staff at Food Link

“The Congressional Record of the 109th Congress, First Session, Vol.151 No. 140, Thursday, October 27, 2005 AMERICAN INGENUITY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: HON. FORTNEY PETE STARK OF CALIFORNIA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Mr. STARK. Mr. Speaker, I rise with my colleagues Representative BEN CARDIN of the Third Congressional District of Maryland and Representative STENY HOYER of the Fifth Congressional District of Maryland today to bring to our colleagues’ attention an excellent article that appeared in the Inside Annapolis Magazine this month about a family business in Galesville, MD. The business, Smith Brothers, Inc., is an excellent example of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship. We are proud to know Kenneth Smith and his son Jeff Smith and would like to congratulate them on the recent acknowledgement of their value to the community. America needs more people like the Smiths, who have a can-do attitude and are willing to work hard to excel. We have attached a copy of the article, which explains some of the history of the company and family and how their attitude has helped them in business and life. See "

"I think the magazine is terrific. The art, especially the cover photos, are wonderful and the stories are engaging." Rosemary Armao, Journalist and Former Arundel Bureau Chief, Baltimore Sun

"Margot Mohsberg did an amazing job of seamlessly weaving the facts of my life together with the story she wanted to tell. I smiled all the way through her article. Ms. Mohsberg and Inside Annapolis have my heartfelt thanks. " Eric Smith, editorial cartoonist for The Capital Newspaper

"Many thanks to you for giving more information on one of our National Historic Landmarks - the Hammond-Harwood House. Sometimes even people who live here are unaware of the richness of the historic heritage in this small city. Inside Annapolis is well named. You certainly feel you have a glimpse of who we are after reading the many snapshots of people and activities that are part of city life. " Rose Rivera, Hammond-Harwood House

"I just received the current June/July publication...and found myself reading every single article from cover to cover. The articles were very diverse, interesting, refreshing and informative. The common thread between articles was the way you captured the people's passions and way of life. Clearly you have grown from simply posting the goings-on in Annapolis to writing the stories of the people who make these events." Mark Krawczewicz, 20-year resident

"I see that congratulations are in order...with you running the Inside Annapolis magazine. I know that I can't wait for it to come and I read it from cover to cover. I have used a lot of your insights in our daily living." Sue Donovan, Davidsonville, Md.

"I hear nothing but great things about the "new and improved" Inside Annapolis. Congrats!" Sandy Alan, Corporate Communication Alliance, 2.02.05

"Inside Annapolis is a wonderful resource for those of us who have recently made Annapolis our home. In addition, this small glossy magazine is beautifully laid out and is full of interesting historical, cultural, regional, and civic features."  1 year resident, Beverly Hill van Joolen, 2.11.05

"Thank you for providing a great town with great information on the wonderful talents we have in the people who make it up." 10 year resident

"I just had to let you know, having just finished reading the Oct/Nov issue of Inside Annapolis, that I think you are doing a great job. The articles about all that is going on along West Street and with Cafe Pronto, the BB&T renovation, the new Navy basketball coach, the film festival - all of them really - are just terrific. It is fantastic that you are putting out all of this information. It draws us closer together as a community and gives us all greater interest in the inside stories of all the building and new business openings that are going on. It makes me want to visit each place and I think that is the idea, right? Thanks so much for the great work.
Keep it up."
Judy Heath, 10-11-05.

"Congratulations to Inside Annapolis magazine for several articles which appeared in the last few issues. In particular, Dr. Cashman's articles were concise, informative, interesting and entertaining. At the same time, her articles exemplify the diversity and the depth of artistic talent residing in the Annapolis area - talent which should be of great pride to all Annapolitans." 10 year resident

"Inside Annapolis is a great place for our Greater Annapolis area clients to advertise, as the ads have directly and positively impacted their businesses. We applaud your top-notch local publication!" 25 year resident

"I find your magazine invaluable in keeping me knowledgeable about everything that is going on in Annapolis." 6 year resident

"I prefer Inside Annapolis as a reference source, many, many times over the telephone book." 30 year resident

"We love receiving your publication! We use it very often for dining ideas and the map is wonderful." 2 year resident

"Great addition to our home. As a native Annapolitan, it is good to see so much information about Annapolis in such a handy-sized magazine." 61 year resident

"Classy publication easy to put my hands on because of its unique size." 8 year resident

"I love your magazine and often recommend it to newcomers to the area. I read every word when it arrives and refer to it for information on local events and restaurants." 9 year resident

"I work as a volunteer at the visitor's center and use your magazine to inform visitors about restaurants and shopping." 14 year resident

"I like Inside Annapolis very much. It is a good, solid publication and reflects your concern for quality." 18 year resident

"I like your magazine totally. You have good articles worthy of reading. I certainly have learned things about Annapolis I did not know." 25 year resident

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