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Meters and Residential Parking

Metered parking is available throughout the business areas of Annapolis. Meter hours are from 10am to 7:30pm Monday thru Saturday and noon to 7:30pm Sunday! Some residential areas have restricted parking to limit non-residents to two hours of parking. So, even if there are no meters, be sure to read the signs and estimate how long your vehicle may remain there. Do not park by yellow or red-lined curb areas. The enforcement by the City Police of meter and other parking regulations is very stringent.

You are best advised to leave your car at your hotel or in a parking lot. Walk, bus, trolley or taxi to the downtown area. Take home good memories, not a parking ticket!

Parking Around Annapolis

" Annapolis Business Association (ABA) members show their appreciation for your business by participating in the Park & Shop program and providing customers with FREE PARKING VOUCHERS for use at the Knighton, Hillman, and Gott's Court Garages. Look for the Park & Shop Sticker!"

Valet Parking Thursday, May 5, 2005 was the first day of the valet parking pilot program. Stations were erected at the Donner lot (Compromise Street, next to Fawcett's) and Conduit Street. Cars were parked at the Donner lot and South Street lot (a city owned daily parking lot across from the court house.)

Hillman Garage** Just behind Main Street about a block up from the City Dock and Memorial Circle

Compromise Street Lot Next door to Fawcett's, meters

Gott's Court Garage** (Visitors Center) Calvert and Northwest Streets

Green Street Lot Across from Fawcett's on Compromise Street

West Street Lots Calvert Street, Clay Street, Gott's Court and the Larkin lot off City Gate

Cecil Knighton Garage corner of Colonial and West Streets

Amos Garrett Lot 275 West Street, downtown shuttle bus

State Lots Rowe Blvd. & Calvert Street, free parking on weekends

USNA Stadium Rowe Blvd. and Taylor Ave., parking for cars, motor homes and buses

**( First 2 hours FREE to Annapolis residents in the Gott's and Hillman garages, identification required)

Airport, Buses and other Public Transportation

Go on Annapolis Transit by using our color-coded Route Map and Color Clock Scheduler.     

Click here to find out about the Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA) bus routes from Annapolis to Baltimore.

Dillon's Bus Service offers commuter and charter trips to Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Amtrak runs trains from Baltimore and D.C. to points all over the country.           

And the Water Taxi is always a great way to get around some of the local waterways.

Super Shuttle Transportation Systems (Blue Van) is available from Annapolis by appointment.

Additions to our lists are always welcome. Send your comments or recommendations to
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