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Presidents Hill: Building an Annapolis Neighborhood, 1664-2005 traces the growth of one of Annapolis’ most vibrant neighborhoods from the original land grants through its history as home to three of the city’s most prominent families to its development as a residential neighborhood at the turn of the twentieth century. Parker’s lively narrative places the residents of Presidents Hill in the broader context of West Street and Annapolis as a whole. He explores issues such as the Temperance Movement, the emergence of the Ku Klux Klan, the two World Wars, the saga of Kathy Lee Gifford's grandfather, and the tempestuous political career of Senator Louis Phipps against the background of the vanished customs of everyday life; the Annapolis rituals of birth and death; the growth of municipal services such as roads, water, and fire protection; and the unforgettable personalities of residents such as Harry Elliott, Doc Snyder, Buddy Levy, and Elsie Clark. With over 100 photographs and a wealth of anecdotes that have never before appeared in print, Parker’s volume is a "must-have" for every Annapolis bookshelf. Available at or by contacting the author at 410-263-5680.

Annapolis: A Photographic Portrait is a coffee-table keepsake of high-quality full and half page color images of this historic maritime city. Its photographs provide a vivid tour of historic architecture and landmarks including 18th-century homes, museums, government buildings, gardens and the U.S. Naval Academy. Restored clipper ships, schooners, and 19th-century warehouses share the waterfront with powerboats and sailboats using the latest marine technology. Images of the U.S. Powerboat and U.S. Sailboat Shows as well as majestic schooner and sailboat races on Chesapeake Bay have created Annapolis’ recognition as "America’s Sailing Capital". Photographer Jake McGuire is known for his striking images of American cities and landscapes. His is photos appear in private collections, exhibitions, offices, and are often found in travel magazines. In April of 1997 LIFE MAGAZINE selected one of McGuire’s photos for the cover of a special edition of LIFE. He has won 11 awards for photography and photojournalism. The book is
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Shadow Patriots, the eight book by Lucia St. Clair Robson tells of the Culper Ring, a group of George Washington's spies operating out of New York City during the Revolution. The story includes familiar names -- Washington, Hamilton, Benedict Arnold -- and one unfamiliar number, the mysterious 355. 355 was the Culpers' code for "lady," and after 225 years she remains a nameless heroine who, many historians believe, died for her country. The Culpers transported their intelligence from British-occupied Manhattan to Setauket, then across Long Island Sound to Washington's troops in Connecticut. The book covers more than secret codes, invisible ink, double agents, and aliases. An estimated 11,500 American soldiers died in British custody here. "The prison ship martyrs," as they're called, are part of this story, as well as intrigue in Philadelphia, the battles of Brooklyn, Monmouth, and Stoney Point, the betrayal of West Point, and the hardships of the winter encampments at Valley Forge and Morristown. History is not always pretty. Experience what those real patriots went through for our freedom. Shadow Patriots is available online
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The Schooner Windstark by Laurence Hartge is a reprint of the vessel’s 1943 logbook that tells the story of her wartime delivery from the Great Lakes to the Chesapeake Bay. With photos, maps, and diagrams, this 40-page book chronicles the eighthundred-fifty mile jouney of the three-man crew who triumphantly delivered Windstark to the Captain’s daughter, Elsie, who had purchased the boat with her fiancé, Buck Schlegel. The two spent their honeymoon aboard the schooner, before the groom was inducted into the Army. Available through the Hartge Nautical Museum, Galesville Maryland, 410-268-1837.


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