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While a Tree Grew takes children on a journey of the life of Maryland’s great Wye Oak. By tracing its development from the time it was a seedling to the old tree’s fall in a 2002 storm, While a Tree Grew gives a new generation a glimpse into this venerable icon of Maryland history. It is a beautiful journey through time, depicting the magnificent Wye Oak tree. This book illustrates the life of the Maryland icon with breathtaking art by Kim Harrell. Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich’s desk is carved from the Wye Oak tree, and both the Governor and his wife are pleased to endorse the book. The Friends of the Maryland State Archives and Wye Oak State Park benefit from the sale of While a Tree Grew. It is available from Cornell Maritime Press, Tidewater Publishers and online at

Early in the last century, a boy named Ivy Flowers swam across Tar Bay to Hoopers Island to see a girl. In time, Shirley Flowers was born of the union that began with that swim. During the same period, Captain Augustus Elsworth Phillips, Jr., was the captain of the cargo schooner, McCready. In her aft-cabin a boy, Brice Phillips would be conceived. He and Shirley Flowers would marry and have two sons, Steve and Jeffrey. With the family’s Hoopers Island packing plant as a base, the Phillips would create a worldwide empire based upon their relationship with the crab. This is the story of that family. It is also the story of the Empires of the Crab. Available online at and Barnes and Noble booksellers.

Gary Long, a top-executive at a major international chemical company, discovers a criminal price-fixing scheme. When he discloses the information to the FBI, he becomes a pawn in a plot that involves international espionage, United States government corruption, kidnapping, and murder. Set in the nineties, the story moves from a small city in Indiana to worldwide venues in Washington, Paris, the Far East, West Africa - and a rusty trailer home near Mena airport in Arkansas. Secret tapes that would prove Gary’s case are the subject of a frantic search by sinister forces. Pulling the strings is the company CEO, a man so ruthless he would murder his brother and send his son to prison rather than reveal his secret identity as the mastermind of a vast espionage network. Available online at

What would you do if you were to find turtle eggs in your sandbox? Join Maggie as she finds just that! As a “turtle-sitter” Maggie decides to help the baby diamondback terrapins she has discovered in her old sandbox. With help from The Turtle Lady at the aquarium, Maggie learns all about these unique animals and what steps she will need to take to aid in their survival. Readers are treated to detailed descriptions of the animals and the “For Creative Minds” section in the back of the book includes terrapin fun facts, and detailed descriptions that explain the differences between turtles, terrapins and tortoises. Available at, and


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Powerboat Show
Sailboat Show
Renaissance Festival
Seafood Festival
County Fair

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