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Visit Boordy Vineyards this summer to listen to great music, learn how to dance, meet your soul mate, or to just try great new recipes to spice up the dinner table. Boordy Vineyards, Maryland’s oldest family-owned winery, is nestled in the hills of Long Green Valley, just north of Baltimore. Rob Deford, owner of Boordy Vineyards, truly understands how to incorporate wine into wonderful social events, because he is just as serious about the entertainment business as he is about making great wines.

Boordy sponsors over 60 events per year at the winery, and participates in over 100 events, including festivals, all over the state. Boordy’s Summer Concert series kicks off on June 10th with Singles Night, featuring The Reflex, a 1980s cover band, continuing throughout the summer with diverse acts of Salsa, Motown and Big Band. Mr. Deford says his goal is to create a family-friendly environment where everyone is comfortable learning about wine, enjoying an event and relaxing with family—yours or Boordy’s. Boordy Vineyard is a family farm and all who visit are considered friends of the family.

Not sure what to expect from a Boordy event? Have no fear; it will be a 100% snob-free experience! Legend has it that the name Boordy came from a child’s attempt to pronounce Bordeaux. If you’ve ever tried to read a French wine label, you’ll understand the difficulty. Boordy Vineyard wants everyone to feel comfortable learning about wine, no matter how you pronounce it! So this summer, remember the best way to learn is by tasting, and what better way to taste then by going to one of Maryland’s finest wineries.

By the way, are you stumped on what to do for Father’s Day? Boordy has that figured out too! For more information on Boordy’s Father’s Day Picnic or any of their events visit www.boordy.com or call 410-592-5015.

Interested in learning more about wine? Consider joining The Wine Coach, Laurie Forster, at one of her events or for her first international wine tour this fall to Piedmont, Italy. To find out more about The Wine Coach TM events, tours or to sign up for her free weekly wine tips, visit www.thewinecoach.com or email laurie@thewinecoach.com


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