Bermuda Ocean Race

The 2006 Bermuda Ocean Race will begin on Friday, June 9. The race is organized by the Bermuda Ocean Race (BOR) Committee and the Eastport Yacht Club and supported by the St. George’s Dinghy and Sports Club in Bermuda. It began in 1979 with seven yachts competing informally.

The Bermuda Ocean Race is now limited to 50 boats that, after setting off from Eastport, have to navigate 119 miles of Chesapeake Bay coastal waters before hitting the 633 mile offshore leg to Bermuda. The race has been structured to provide a combination of inshore and offshore racing previously not available. A major objective is to enhance the art of navigation for more sailors. The BOR provides these challenges within a framework designed for safe offshore sailing. It enables many sailors to fulfill a lifelong ambition: a bluewater passage to an island of coral with white sandy beaches and hospitable people.

The race is open to any single or multi-hulled yacht with power which conforms to the requirements of the Notice of race. Boats must have logged more than 500 miles of either racing or cruising, prior to the start of the race. The Skipper and Watch Captain(s) must submit a résumé of their sailing experience, demonstrating their competence to participate in an ocean race. In addition, at least half of the crew is required to have attended a sanctioned Safety at Sea Seminar in the five years prior to the date of the race.

On the Sunday before the race, the boats will participate in the Mitch Owens BOR Shorttail Regatta, a mini-race that allows participants to make sure everything on board is up to speed and ready for the big race.

When the fleet arrives in Bermuda, they will sail into St. George’s Harbor via the Town Cut, a manmade entrance to the harbor that is frequently used by cruise ships. A typical cruise ship is about 100 feet wide and the Cut is 150, so smaller craft entering the harbor must get clearance to enter.

Upon arrival in the harbor, the boats will dock and the crew can enjoy a well-deserved drink at the Dinghy Club. On Friday, June 16th, the club will hold a Dark & Stormy party (a Dark & Stormy is a drink made from Gosling’s Black Seal rum and ginger beer) as well as a fish fry on Saturday the 17th.

Trophies are awarded the first three finishers (corrected time) in each division. The next three finishers each receive a plaque. In addition, Ocean Navigator Magazine gives a trophy for the best and most complete navigational log, including use of celestial navigation. There is a Cook’s Trophy for last to finish, a Navigator’s Trophy for First-in-Fleet, a First-in-Fleet trophy from the St. George’s Dinghy & Sports Club, and the Davison Trophy for First-in-Fleet on corrected time. Trophy presentation is Sunday, June 18th.


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