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Davidsonville Elementary

Davidsonville Elementary School (DES) is located in the fifth congressional district of Anne Arundel County. The school community covers about 27 square miles. Currently, our school population for K-5 is 636 students. Our new facility opened in the fall of 2002. This fantastic new building has been greatly enhanced by the efforts of business partners and parent volunteers. Last spring we were recognized as a Governor's Green School. This honor was the result of a school-wide effort to incorporate environmental education into the curriculum. We value our community relationships, business partnerships, and volunteer programs.

The Anne Arundel County Public Schools website provides information regarding the programs available in our school system. These programs are designed to provide an exceptional education for all students. All of the activities at Davidsonville are coordinated to support the goals of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

The DES community is proud of our exceptional students. Maryland School Assessment scores are consistently high for third, fourth, and fifth graders. Our children are good citizens with an outstanding attendance rate. Students participate at school, county, state, and national levels in competitions such as Science Fair, Spelling, Geography, Stock Market, 24 Club, Investwrite, and Chess.

Some exciting highlights during the school year include special performances showcased in our phenomenal talent show, school play, band, strings, and chorus presentations. Volunteers contribute over 22,000 hours of service providing such programs as Hands-On Science, Touchpebbles, Guest Readers, Poetry Club, and the Quick Reads Program. The Chess Club and Spanish for fourth and fifth graders are more examples of enrichment programs sponsored by PTO.

Our Student Government Association is an active group that has various committees to plan fundraisers and spirit days. Students collect money and coats for our adopted sister school, Van Bokkelen Elementary. The Harvest for the Hungry Drive resulted in special statewide recognition for our students. Items were sold to raise money for tsunami victims and "Jump for the Heart" contributions exceeded $9000.00. A fantastic Salvation Army drive provided many needy families with holiday gifts. These active SGA committees promote unity, leadership, recognition, and individual contributions.

We are fortunate to have caring, involved families who send their students to school ready to learn. DES parents lead the way in providing parental support. Our children respect adults and value education. Parents constantly show their support of the teachers by many special teacher recognitions, monthly teacher luncheons, and yearly Teacher of the Year nominations.

Talented and dedicated teachers work extremely hard to provide excellent daily instruction and incorporate enriching activities for all students. All of our teachers are highly qualified. Several teachers have attained the top status of National Certification. Teachers communicate frequently with parents in a variety of ways through weekly student work folders, agenda books, conferences and phone calls. These collaborative efforts ensure that all children achieve. We cordially invite visitors to our school. I believe our school community would make you very proud to be a citizen of Anne Arundel County.



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