¿Cómo se llama? (What is your name?) Spanish names are very different from American names. Each person has two family names, mostly, the father's last name followed by the mother's maiden name.

Me llamo (my name is) María Gómez (y) Pérez. Mucho gusto is how you would tell someone that it is nice to meet them. Or, Ecantado (Charmed) or, Que placer (What a pleasure).

When asking how they are you would say ¿Cómo estás? A few responses may be muy Bíen (very well), asi asi (so so/okay) or muy malo (horrible).

To say good bye you can say Adiós or, Hasta luego (See you later), Nos veremos (We'll see each other), Hasta muy pronto (See you soon) as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, Hasta la vista.