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Annapolis Vignettes is a compilation of articles written by Ginger Doyel for her column, “ Annapolis: From Past to Present,” published weekly by The Capital newspaper since November 2002. Annapolis Vignettes explores Annapolis history through four key themes: people, places, St. John's College and the U.S. Naval Academy, and preservation efforts. Read about the runaway wedding, bygone Naval Academy dating traditions, an unlikely preservationist, and the “new” Severn River Bridge. Each compelling vignette has been researched through interviews, books, newspaper records and primary sources at the Maryland State and U.S. Naval Academy Archives. An original illustration or photograph accompanies each vignette. Available from booksellers or Tidewater Publishers,

In The Open Channel, by Annapolis native Jill Morrow, attorney Katerina Piretti and her husband, Stephen Carmichael, have battled the dark side in the past and want nothing more than to lead ordinary lives. Unfortunately, ordinary isn’t an option. When their daughter, Julia, begins to experience frightfully realistic dreams and visions, Kat and Stephen quickly realize that protecting their family will require a return to the spiritual battleground they thought they had left behind. Is Julia the prophesied child of light, or simply an open channel allowing spirits unfettered access to the physical world? Kat and Stephen race against time, for Julia has become a target for an ancient evil they have no desire to meet again. Order through,, or any fine bookstore.

Sandra Clau , by Annapolis resident and Inside Annapolis magazine contributing writer Douglas Clark Hollmann, is the story of a baby girl delivered by an angel to Santa and Mrs. Claus, whom they name Sandra. After a series of adventures with her friends, Rudy the Mouse and Axel the Cat, Sandra comes up with the idea of Christmas for the animals. At the end of the story, two sleighs leave the North Pole: one driven by Santa with presents for children and one driven by Sandra, filled with presents for animals (and pulled by mice-deer—mice who grow antlers on Christmas Eve). This charming Christmas tale, illustrated by Jim Smith, has been a favorite of the adoption community since its release in 2002. Sandra Claus is available at and, or can be ordered through any bookseller.

In 1963, LCDR Bobbi Hovis, USN (Ret.) and four other nurses arrived in Saigon charged with the monumental task of converting, in four days, a dilapidated apartment building into the first U.S. Navy Station hospital in Vietnam. Operating in a city of chaos, where the extraordinary became the ordinary as the war escalated, Hovis provides a rare inside look at Vietnam in the early years of conflict. This accurate, personal memoir makes a significant contribution to the history of the Navy Nurse Corps and the Vietnam experience. Illustrated with over 40 of Hovis’s personal photographs and introduced by Rear Admiral Frances Shea Buckley, NC, USN (Ret.). Avalable through the Naval Institute Press—visit


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