Conrad Poppenhusen - The Life of a German-American Industrial Pioneer, by James E. Haas, is the story of a 19th century man who made his fortune manufacturing hard rubber combs. Poppenhusen founded a town, College Point, NY, and became a much-loved philanthropist, funding churches, libraries and an educational institution. He was an innovator in education, introducing the first free kindergarten for his workers and the people of the town, perhaps the first corporate day care facility ever established in the U.S. His sons set the stage for his financial ruin and the New York Times along with other area newspapers provided running commentary. Available at Hard Bean,, or

Women are challenged every day with choices of courage, faith, integrity and freedom. Many are faced with choices due to events and circumstances, which leave them feeling out of control. Others are afraid of making the wrong choice, so they just give up. When women give up the right to choose, they give away the most powerful force in their lives. Women's Choices, Women's Lives, by Diane Anselmo, shares research from over 150 women, from executives to stay-at-home mothers. The compelling stories from 30 not-so-ordinary women will inspire you to begin to harness your own power. The red feather quill pen on the book cover, poised over the open book, is a signal for you to pick up your pen and begin the process of taking the first step toward a more conscious way of life. Don't wait.the path is there for discovery. Available at Barnes and Noble online or Visit the website at

For many, racing sailboats seems like a complicated sport. The goal of Championship Sailing is to make competition seem easy and fun. Over a 45-year career, Gary Jobson has learned what it takes to excel at sailing. This new book is rich in detail, with many diagrams and pictures to illustrate the points. Jobson has sailed in 5,000 races and kept notes on many of them. He guides you through the steps of organizing, training, and leading a first-rate crew; establishing a tactical team and defining their duties; and coping with the emotional highs and lows of a hotly-contested race. There are many case histories to explain how to sail faster, making Championship Sailing fun to read. Available at

The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble, by Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. The Parthenon Code is a simple method of expression devised by ancient Greek artists to communicate religious ideas and historical information to the everyday citizens of Greece. On ancient vases and in the sculptures of the Parthenon, we find Eden depicted with its serpent-entwined apple tree, Kain (Cain) killing Abel depicted on a series of four sculptures, Nereus (the Greek Noah) and the true identity of the Amazons. The eight sculptural themes of the Parthenon are now understood for the first time in more than 2,000 years. The goddess Athena is identified as the reborn serpent-friendly Eve after the Flood; Zeus is identified as the ancient serpent transfigured into an image of Adam. Learn the astonishing truth that Greek myth/art chronicles the rejuvenation of the way of Kain after the Flood, and more. Visit