Redesigning Home Interiors

Thinking about redecorating a room in your home? Not sure where to start? Why not try the concept of interior arrangement.

Interior arrangement is a unique concept in the interior design industry which has grown in popularity over the last several years. An interior arranger utilizes the homeowner's existing furnishings, art and accessories to transform a room into one that could be on the cover of a magazine yet leaves them with money in their bank account.

The process begins with a consultation between the homeowner and interior arranger to gather information about the homeowner, their family and their vision for the living space. The challenge for the interior arranger is to provide the homeowner with a picturesque room that is still comfortable enough for the family to live in every day and not incur a lengthy, messy renovation job.

When the day of the room redesign begins, the interior arranger arrives and homeowners usually head off to work or take the day off to play. Everything in the room will be carefully removed and placed in a staging area. This allows the arranger to have a clean "palette" to work with.

Once the room is emptied, the shape, size and architectural features of the room are studied and a focal point is selected. The arranger then "shops" through the home, looking in basements, closets, cupboards, garages and other spaces to discover forgotten treasures that can be used in the "new" room. Of special interest are items which will bring texture and color to a room, like collectibles and heirlooms. Once rescued from their hiding places, these items are also brought to the staging area. Next, the room transformation begins.

The largest pieces of furniture are returned to the room first. It is important that these pieces accentuate the architectural features of the room. The remaining pieces of furniture, art and accessories are returned one by one, paying particular attention to how these pieces relate to their new surroundings. Creating impact, balance and harmony in a room may include an intimate conversation area, a corner vignette or a cozy reading nook.

A homeowner may ask, "How do I know if hiring an interior arranger is right for me?" Start by considering the following points:

Are you tired of the look in your home?
Do the rooms of your home reflect your personality?
Are you comfortable in the rooms in your home?
Are you proud of your home's appearance?
Are you feeling like you need to replace your furniture?
Have you seen enough magazines and catalogs but cannot decide how to proceed?

If you find yourself feeling uncertain, talk with an interior arrangement designer. Together you can discuss ways to change the rooms within your home to meet your decorating goals and/or your lifestyle.

The benefit of hiring an arranger is that you will have a totally new and functional look created just for you in a matter of hours. Interior arrangement is a very affordable alternative, often costing less than a new piece of furniture and, since your arranger will creatively place your existing pieces, it will reflect your style and taste.

Depending on your decorating goals, you may also find yourself utilizing some other services offered by an interior arranger including:

Real estate preparation---spruce up your home before it goes on the market so it sells faster and for top dollar.
Move-in arrangements---after the movers leave, an arranger sets up your new home allowing you to enjoy it immediately.
In-home consultations---colors, fabrics, flooring, window treatments, furniture selections; perfect prior to moving into a home or during remodeling.
Shopping services---after a room redesign, it may be necessary to make a few additional purchases to finish the room; this shopping can be done for you, or your arranger can point you in the right direction and let you do the shopping.

Decorating is a process that is never completely finished. You may change a room or even your entire home for the seasons. As your family changes (a new baby, a child going off to college, or your mother-in-law moving in) it might be a good time to call an interior arranger. An interior arranger's expertise should include incorporating collectibles and new purchases in the future no matter how large or small.

Regardless of the changes you make, keep in mind that a room should be a reflection of who you are, not the designer. You can end up with a magazine-cover look, a bargain price and peace of mind that you will not have to give up your favorite things. What could be more exciting?

Jackie Gallagher is the owner of RoomSmart Redesigns, specializing in one-day room redesigns,


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