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Here are a few sites I have discovered which are helpful, informative or interesting. These sites relate to Annapolis, to business or are just worth dropping in for a casual visit! Let's go surfing and take a look!

I found two home project resource sites worth keeping during my most recent home improvement project; www.villagehome.com and www.to- dayshomeowner.com provided me with step-by-step instructions on wallpapering. I finally gave up on my bathroom project and called someone to finish the job, but these sites give you that extra bit of knowledge or courage, if you are so inclined.

Would you like to own an airplane? At www.USAF-Aerobatic.org you can purchase raffle tickets to win a fully restored J3 Cub. This is their eighth plane to be given away since the start of this program. These planes have been around since the early 1940s and are still one of the best little planes ever produced.

Are you still in the market for a new car? Check out the value of your old one first at www.kbb.com. The Kelly Blue Book site has numerous other links to financing, insurance and new car shopping. No salesman will call unless you ask. It's too late for a 2001 income tax deduction if you wish to give the old one to charity, but not for 2002. Call Capt. Don Smith at the Salvation Army in our area at 410-525-0530 for guidance.

ZIP codes, area codes and more are available at www.zipinfo.com. This is a free service. However, for under $20 you can purchase the file for use on your computer and other data extraction functions. This is a site worth an icon on your desktop.

Have you ever tried to find a file on your computer with an incorrect date because you constantly forget to update your computer time and calendar? No more, Bunkie! Try out www.bldrdoc.gov/timefreq/service/its.htm for the latest in time update software. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has software that you can download that will keep you up to the minute through your Internet connection, 24 hours a day. You'll never be late again. Well, maybe, but the time will be accurate.

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Powerboat Show
Sailboat Show
Renaissance Festival
Seafood Festival
County Fair

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