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Here are a few sites I have discovered which are helpful, informative or interesting. These sites relate to Annapolis, to business or are just worth dropping in for a casual visit! Let's go surfing and take a look!

I discovered a touch screen watch by Tissot which I failed to mention in my last article about Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens. This little gem sports every feature available on a 21st century timepiece, and most features can be activated or accessed by touching the quartz face. Take a look at the watch at a very organized web site at www.t-touch.com/prima.htm.

Have you ever wondered where Lou Dobbs of CNN fame wandered off to a few years ago. Lou was financial backer and co-founder of the web site www.space.com. Although Lou has rejoined the CNN financial network, the object of his affections is still alive and well. Check out this commercial and future vision of space from the private sector perspective. It is a great supplement to my earlier NASA site connection at www.nasa.gov.

We recently adopted a very large Cichlid (9-inch Central American freshwater fish) or more scientifically, a Cichla-soma Managuense. While my wife and I have enjoyed our new addition, I have also enjoyed visiting the pet stores and exploring the Internet to find new information about our new friend. I found a wealth of information at www.cichlidfish.com and http://badmanstropicalfish.com. I also rediscovered the greatest and most realistic virtual fish (Mopy) at www.virtualcreatures.com. Check them both out. I'm sure one will be to your liking as well.

Batteries anyone? Last month I went looking for a battery upgrade and replacement for a Sony digital camera battery. The 1850ma unit I found through a product search at www.mysimon.com was sold by www.batteries4everything.com. This site was well-organized and easy to navigate. The people were fast and, at $4.50, were cheap on the shipping end. If you are looking for a charge, go here-I recommend them highly.

Do you need some help around the house? Do you need an on- call repairman? I received a flyer in the mail and also in one of our recent Sunday newspapers advertising the Case Handyman at www.casehandyman.com. I have used them twice, and I am anxiously waiting to continue down the list of jobs to be done. I explained what I wanted done, and they laid out the time estimate and material costs and off they went to procure the materials and do the jobs. They are self- contained with all tools and ladders. What a pleasant way to get all my dreaded jobs, which I can never find time for, off the list.

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