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Two years ago, two Annapolitans decided to embark on a project inspired by their love of the arts and named for the masonry-laden streets of their home. BrickStreet: A Journal of the Arts was conceived as a small magazine of local arts and letters, but co-editors Corey Sebastian and Megan Smith soon realized there was potential for much more. After soliciting submissions from all over the U.S. and abroad, and expanding on a theme of artists and authors writing about their crafts, the editors elevated BrickStreet the magazine into BrickStreet the book. Containing poetry, short stories, essays, photography and art from Annapolis and beyond, copies are still available. Contact Megan Smith at 410-991-3581 for ordering information or go to

In What is She Thinking? Molly Ring reveals hidden truths from a woman's mind to help men develop a playing strategy and to keep them out of the doghouse. This is not a rulebook or a reprimand for poor behavior. It is a book of secrets and funny stories, written by a dating veteran who loves men and wants to share her ideas on making dating easier for them. Do not go on another date without reading this book. Go to the bookstore at to preview or buy. Also available on


What event in the Annapolis area are you most looking forward to in 2006?

Powerboat Show
Sailboat Show
Renaissance Festival
Seafood Festival
County Fair

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