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Holiday shopping can be enhanced significantly by starting the process with visiting www.wired.com and www.gizmodo.com. These sites pride themselves on cutting edge technology tips for those who must have the latest and fastest things, gadgets and such. Before you buy that great new gift, visit these sites to see if the replacement is already available. Happy shopping!

For most people Intel computer processing chips have been the industry standard, but Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a significant competitor since 1969, now frequently trades position as the chip industry leader. Although often discounted by many businesses in the past, serious gaming enthusiasts have helped make AMD a legitimate and less expensive chip alternative for businesses as well. My problem has always been: how do you compare a 3.2 GHZ Intel processor to a 64 bit 3200+ AMD processor before you buy? You can now check out the real performance data at a number of sites but www.passmark.com/cpureview or www.techwarelabs.com/reviews/processors/socket-939/index_3.shtml make it graphically understandable. Don't be surprised if your next machine might be powered by that 35-year-old upstart, AMD.

The 2005 calendar season is well underway. Many of us will need a wall calendar, a desk calendar, and, for those like me, only an interactive Internet based calendar will do. My favorite Internet calendar is WebCalendar CreatorŽ at www.webcalendarcreator.com. They state "it is easy-to-use software that creates HTML calendars for your web site or local intranet. Just enter event information and WebCalendar Creator generates perfect web calendars - complete with monthly, scrolling monthly and daily pages. Great for your schools, communities, businesses, family events, associations, church groups and more!" Another great Internet alternative can be viewed and sampled at www.huntcal.com. Happy New Year!

If you are ready to start looking for a high definition TV or a plasma TV then I would suggest that you start your search and education process by visiting to www.plasmatvbuyingguide.com. This site gives all the technical data including the top 10 facts you need to know and a complete list of products from the 13-inch to the 60-inch units with great pricing links.

Personal portable defibrillators, the state of the art in heart health care, are now available at www.amazon.com and www.drugstore.com. The price at this writing for the Philips HeartStart unit is discounted to $1,495. The Philips site at www.heartstarthome.com/content/heartstart_featured.asp has a demo video, personal testimonials and training information. If you are not ready to add this to your home first aid kit, you might consider it as a charitable gift to your church hall or your favorite youth sport team. You might be surprised how many lives can be saved by prompt action with one of these units. Think about it!

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Powerboat Show
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Renaissance Festival
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County Fair

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